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Strong research skills and lateral thinking

Multimedia productions

From developing initial ideas to finding sources, identifying contributors and, if required, organising shoots, I can help make your story stand out. I also have extensive experience in sourcing unique archive material, such as films, photographs, documents and public domain media. I am familiar with international licensing procedures and provide photo retouching services.

Companies, writers and individuals

I can assist with background research by compiling relevant information on any topic from a variety of sources, scouring archives or libraries on your behalf, summarising data, copying records or interviewing people. The data is made available by using the most convenient digital platform, wherever you are in the world.

Genealogy and family history

Let me help you in researching your family history or track down relatives you have lost sight of. While I have access to a wide range of databases, I often have had to go one step further and painstakingly unearth and analyse other sources of information including public records, social media and one-to-one interviews.

Need help with your research?

About Gregor Murbach

An all-round, resourceful independent researcher

I am a professional freelance researcher

In a world of information overload, I am able to source and track down the right information to help take your projects forward.

Previously, I was an assistant producer and archive producer on a range of critically acclaimed programmes for British and international TV channels, including the BBC, Channel Four and CNN.

Well travelled, fluent in French and German, discreet and reliable (as a Swiss, it’s in my genes), I have a Masters in International Relations and a Masters in Documentary Production.

I have been an independent researcher for many archives and collections, including the National Archives, the British Library and the National Maritime Museum in London.

In recent years, I have broadened my research skills, with experience in film and photo analysis, people search and business intelligence.

When not working, I enjoy "analog" photography, dark room processing (I have a particular interest in processing old undeveloped films retrieved from vintage cameras), cooking and running. I also manage, an online shop selling photo prints.


Why choose me?

Creative research methods

I have a strong record in delivering tailored research from a range of international sources (documents, photographs and films, recordings, public records, online databases, etc.) in several languages.

On time, on budget

Having worked on a variety of television documentaries, I know how important it is to work on time and within a strict budget.

Thoroughness and discretion

Each research project is undertaken with attention to detail, efficiency, integrity and discretion.

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